Hello Singers!!

I am so happy to have you as a student. Since 2011, I have been providing singing lessons.  I have worked with individuals, groups, and choir/praise teams in Kern County, Fresno, Los Angeles, Canada, Arizona, Texas, and New York. I am currently teaching choir for 1st-6th grades at an elementary school VELPA program.  

As your Vocal Coach,  I want you to get the most out of your singing lessons.   Developing your voice doesn't end after singing lessons.  You must develop a routine and practice daily.  Below you will find many videos, lesson materials, and online links to help you reach your goal.  Please have fun exploring the warm-ups and exercises.   I have included a lot of different areas for each leveled singer.  Each time you practice, use this site, Happy Singing!!

Ayrian Gridiron

Previous events

Musicplay Curriculum

Ages 7-11

We will be using this program for our lessons.  Students are able to use the site for their own practice at home too!  To get familiar with the site, use the flyer to take a scavenger hunt through the site.  Don't forget to ask for help if you need it. 

Teens & Adults, if you are a beginner/intermediate singer, this is a great site to learn and brush up on foundational skills.  

Music Play Scavenger Hunt Download and Print 486 KB

Ages 12 & up Beginning & Intermediate Students

Please download the "Vocal Pitch Monitor" or "On Pitch" App. You will also need to download "Erol Singer's Studio" app on your cell phone or computer.

Pitch monitors can be downloaded on your cell phone. 

The App "Erol Singer's Studio", a fantastic way to have guided lessons in your practice time.  Please utilize this app.  It really is great.  

(GarageBand is available on Apple products only) GarageBand is a great app to use on your iPhone/iPad and  Mac to record your voice and create music.  

Click the button below to visit the Google Play Store.

Vocal Warm-ups

Solfege Exercises

Musicianship: Beginning Music Theory