Voice Assessments

For Individuals & Groups 

How does my choir sound? 
I have some techniques to use but what other ones can I use to better my voice?  
I want to know what to work on to improve my voice?   
What do you think of my voice?.....How can I improve? 
Do you think I am prepared for this audition? 

Many have questions about their voice, but  are reluctant to ask,  not knowing  who can critique them, as well as who can give  feedback on how to break their singing habits to improve.  Assessments are not as complicated as you think.  
Send Ayrian an audio or video recording of you or your group singing.  You will receive a written summary of my assessment of your voice,  techniques, and exercises to use to improve. 

For Pricing and Inquiries, email Ayrian at a.grid6@gmail.com